Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roasted Baby Beets, with honey, black sea salt and chives

So hubby is gone this week on a business trip. And since I have all this time on my hands, I decided to start a food blog... which is really just a way for me to document my adventures in the kitchen. Food is so ephemeral - the satisfaction that results from hours in the kitchen lasts only moments. And despite our best efforts, my husband and I are both very quick eaters, unfortunately. Really trying to work on that one. Hmmm. So for now I will take pictures, so that after we polish off a meal in under 10 minutes, I at least have some evidence of it's existence other than the mountain of dishes in the sink.

I have all day today to spend in the kitchen (thanks to aforementioned business trip) without feeling guilty, so I will indulge in fiddling around with "dainty" food, as hubby calls it. Like salads, and roasted beets... not that he doesn't like veggies, it's just that he claims it doesn't fill him up. So I usually end up making more substantial dishes - which might fill him up but fills me out!

So I'm very excited to make all my light veggie-focused comfort food. Like these roasted baby beets. Which I think I might be in love with - I mean the color is just to die for, they almost look like little jewels, glistening on the plate in the crisp morning light of my kitchen. So pretty.

And they couldn't be easier to make - just wrap them up in some foil, pop in the oven and roast at 350 for about 45min or so. I just poke them with a toothpick every now and then to see when they are done to my liking. I know, these are not exactly the most precise directions - but it's so simple, really.

After they cool, just rub them with you fingers and you can usually get the outer skin to come right off - you don't even need a knife! You can serve them warm or let them cool in the fridge. They'll keep covered for up to a week.

I love to drizzle with some honey and season with black sea salt and frech chives. Maybe some goat cheese if I have on hand. So simple and lovely. I usually roast a whole bunch for the week and eat them for lunch.

I think tommorow I'll make a goat cheese, arugula and beet croquette. Do not worry, a vague recipe will follow ;-)
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  1. Great first post. The beets look amazing!

  2. Thanks guys! My first comments! How exciting. :-)

  3. That sounds delicious and congrats on the new blog.

    :> I'll be looking forward to your next post

  4. Found you on TasteSpotting after my "Beets!" pic was published. This looks amazing and I will be preparing these as soon as I've gone to the store. I love simple, yummy, elegant dishes and this one certainly qualifies. Congrats on your TasteSpotting published pic!!